Resolution recommending disciplinary against Senator Espaldon will not be on Session Agenda


Guam – Chairman of the Committee on Ethics and Standards, Fernando Esteves made a motion to place his Committees Resolution recommending disciplinary charges against Senator Jim Espaldon on the Session Agenda, however, the motion fell upon deaf ears.

After a legal review process, as well as reconsiderations and ensuring that it had all the necessary documentation, Esteves informed Speaker BJ Cruz that he would be attending the Committee On Rules meeting to place the Resolution on the Agenda.

In an interview with PNC’s Janela Carrera, Esteves says that it is a matter that needs to be resolved.

Without a second to the motion, it is now upon the Chairman, in his capacity as a Senator, to make the motion upon Session Floor, a move he is still considering.

After failure to obtain a seconded motion, as per COR rules, there is no more forward movement with the Resolution.

“I haven’t decided yet, only because you know, what I did today was within keeping within the rules. If I do do that on Session floor, it would be notwithstanding. I may do it just to ensure that every avenue has been taken to ensure resolution and whether the Body decides to move forwards or doesn’t, I’ve exhausted all my options. So, you know, I am leaning towards that as an option. But, then again, you know, I do have to respect the process as well and within the rules, so those are the two things that I am competing with right now, so I definitely will be thinking about it and considering the matter moving forward,” said Esteves.