Resolution to support Taiwan’s participation in WHO Assembly


The 36th Guam Legislature met Tuesday to discuss a resolution to support Taiwan’s inclusion in the 75th World Health Organization Assembly.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story…

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According to Vice Speaker Tina Rose Muna Barnes, the sponsor of Resolution 300, Taiwan’s achievements in health can only be attributed to itself and its ability of early preparedness, health expertise, government competence, and popular alertness Even though the pandemic Taiwan played an impactful role and stakeholder in the fighting the unpredictable virus, COVID 19.

According to Yu Jie Chen and Jerome Cohen from the Council on Foreign Relations, Taiwan is excluded from international events like the WHO Assembly due to the People’s Republic of China claiming that Taiwan is a province of China and not an independent state.

This is despite the fact that Taiwan has all the requirements and elements of statehood. Chen and Cohen attribute the country’s lack of individual identity to China’s status as a superpower and its ability to impose its One-China Policy throughout Asia.

Even though Taiwan has valuable input in regards to COVID 19 and other medical solutions, Chen and Cohen reason, the WHO still overlooks them from international events.

Furthermore, Guam a special sister city relationship with the people of Taipei City since 1973.

During the pandemic, furthermore, Taiwan aided Guam by securing over 200,000 masks, 900 pandemic readiness kits, and four fill body temperature scanners with the assistance of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Guam.

Taiwan also provides specialized medical care for patients of Guam while also sending over physicians to Guam to over guidance and teachings and support to the local medical community.

With all of the support from the sister city to Guam, members of the 36th Guam Legislature aim to reaffirm and deepen the relations that have been built by supporting the efforts to grant Taiwan participation in international organizations.