Resorts World Manila promises more adventures as they turn the big 10


Guam – This year, a familiar face in many of our trips to the Philippines is celebrating a huge milestone. PNC sat down with Resorts World Manila Chief Integrated Marketing Officer Martin Paz to find out what’s in store, especially for those of us from Guam.

Resorts World Manila was the first to bring the concept of the integrated hotel resort experience to the Philippines and since 2009, the country has seen a boom in the industry with three more corporations opening up shop in Manila.

But now that they’re turning the big 10, Resorts World wants to celebrate in a big way. They’ve already paved the way by bringing in more recognizable names in the hotel industry, like Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Okura, and even the dazzling Ritz Carlton to its hotel portfolio.

Chief Integrated Marketing Officer Martin Paz says RWM has also launched new events and shows, including more gaming, a new lounge, a walkway of lights, the return of the successful musical Ang Huling El Bimbo, a Grand Wing which will feature world-class entertainment and shows and a new swimming pool called Vega that turns into a club at night.

“This one is like in Las Vegas where you usually use the pool day time, it’s actually shared by Hilton, Sheraton and Okura. That big of a pool will be shared day time. Night time, it turns into a club where there’s a dj booth, there’s LEDs so it’s really, legitimately, a pool club just like in Las Vegas,” explains Paz.

Whether you’re looking for fun, a place to relax, gamble, sleep, eat, shop, dine, watch a movie, swim, or watch stunning performances, Paz says Resorts World has it all.

Just a stone’s throw from the Manila airport, RWM has added even more conveniences for travelers. In 2015, they launched Runway Manila, a walkway bridge that connects Ninoy International Airport Authority Terminal 3 to Resorts World Manila. Now, they’ve added an airport lounge for Cebu Pacific travelers.

“It’s in Resorts World and that’s open to all, to everybody who’s flying Cebu Pacific and who’s a Resorts World Manila member. They can actually check in that lounge already, they don’t have to go to NAIA 3,” says Paz.

What’s behind RWM’s constant expansion and reinvention?

“Customer experience is in the heart of everything that we do so whatever will improve on that and will make customer experience really more convenient, fun–because that’s our product in Resorts World, we don’t have a tangible product, like if you ask us, what’s your product in Resorts World? It’s the experience, it’s the thrill. It’s the thrill that we provide in Resorts World that really motivates us to be even better every single [day],” notes Paz.

And of course for Guam travelers, Paz says they have some great rates exclusive to Guamanians and, in addition to Cebu Pacific, have a strong partnership with St. Luke’s Medical Center for accommodations and shuttle services.