Respicio Again Calls for Implementation of Guam First Commission


Guam – Senator Rory Respicio is once again calling on the Governor’s Office to implement the law creating the Guam First Commission, which he argues, is the solution to Adelup’s buildup concerns.

In a release, Respicio states that “the need for a more unified message and stance in Guam’s dealings with the Federal government would have been possible if the Guam First law had been implemented.”

And in a letter to Acting Governor Dr. Mike Cruz,  Senator Respicio  says he wrote:

“The only person that has been standing in the way of putting this law into effect for the past 20 months is the Governor of Guam. The only reason there is no “Team Guam” approach (in dealing with the military buildup) is that the law has not been implemented.”

Respicio quotes remarks made by the Acting Governor before the Rotary Club of Northern Guam last week writing:

You can do this now; you can demonstrate true leadership; you can prove that you really do mean what you say.. If you truly believe that it is, in your own words, ‘… a time for us to come together and to break down these walls that have divided us,’ you can make this happen.”

The Senator also states:

“The Acting Governor vetoed the Guam First bill (No. 378 (EC) when it was passed in 2008, and the Legislature overrode his veto. It has been the law of the land for 20 months, yet the Governor has ignored it. That is time lost forever. We could have used those 20 months to build a consensus among all community leaders, and to deal more forcefully with Congress and the Pentagon.”