Respicio Urges DoD to Consider the Message of Res 48


Guam – Senator Rory Respicio, who is off island and unable to attend Wednesday’s Resolution 48 debate, did submit written support for Senator Tom Ada’s resolution which calls for the return of  Fena Lake and the surrounding  land and related  Navy  waterworks infrastructure to GovGuam at no cost.

In his statement, Respicio called the Defense Authorization Act  “an affront to the people of Guam,”  as it instructs the U.S. Secretary of Defense to sell  Fena and the supporting infrastructure to the government of Guam at fair market value when in fact Fena lake and the land surrounding it already  belong to the people of Guam.
Respicio also expressed his outrage over the federal law’s suggestion that Guam could make “in kind payments” for Fena Lake by wiping the federal   government’s slate clean from owing any further Compact impact reimbursements to the people of  Guam. The senator also pointed  out the federal government’s assertion of  control  over a portion of the Consolidated Commission on Utilities (CCU) countermanded the Federal Government’ʹs “One  Guam”  pledge.

“We would be forced to give up 1/3 of the voting rights on our CCU, including a proportional  representation as chairperson of  the Commission,  to  the  Secretary of Defense in addition to paying the fair market value,”  Senator Respicio wrote,  “Demanding a 1/3 share of the CCU,  an independent, democratically elected  body of the government of Guam, does not sound like the federal  government is serious about the ‘One Guam’ approach.”
Respicio urged the Secretary of  Defense to carefully consider  the  message  full implementation  of  U.S.P.L.  111-­‐‑383  will  send  to  the  people  of  Guam,  stating, “I implore the Secretary to do what he should, to do what he knows is right,  for and by the forever loyal  people of  Guam. Anything  less  will  be an affront to history and to Guam, and an insult to every person  who has ever put their hands over their hearts and pledged allegiance to ‘liberty and justice for all.’”

Respicio:  Unanimous  Passage  of  Resolution  48  Reaffirms  the  Tone  for    
On-­‐‑going  Buildup  talks  with  Federal  Officials.
(Hagåtña,  Guam)    
Despite   being   off-­‐‑island,  the   Legislature’ʹs   Majority   Leader   and   Federal   Affairs  
Chairman,   Senator   Rory   J.   Respicio   was   still   able   to   participate   in   today’ʹs   historic   session,   where   a  
resolution   sponsored   by   Senator   Tom   Ada   asserting   Guam’ʹs   rightful   claim   to   Fena   Lake   and   the  
surrounding  land  was  unanimously  adopted.    Resolution  No.  48-­‐‑31  (COR)  calls  for  the  return  of  Fena  
Lake,  the  surrounding  land  and  related  Navy  waterworks  infrastructure  to  the  people  of  Guam  at  no  cost.
Respicio   submitted   a   written   statement   to   Senator   Tom   Ada,   in   support   of   Resolution   48.    In   his  
statement,  which  was  read  into  the  Legislature’ʹs  record  by  Legislative  Secretary  Tina  Rose  Muña  Barnes,  
Respicio  called  the  United  States  Public  Law  111-­‐‑383  “an  affront  to  the  people  of  Guam,”  as  it  instructs  
the  U.S.  Secretary  of  Defense  to  sell  Fena  and  the  supporting  infrastructure  to  the  government  of  Guam  at  
fair  market  value  when  in  fact  Fena  lake  and  the  land  surrounding  it  already  belong  to  the  people  of  
Respicio  also  expressed  his  outrage  over  the  federal  law’s  suggestion  that  Guam  could  make  “in  kind  
payments”   for   Fena   Lake   by   wiping   the   federal   government’s   slate   clean   from   owing   any   further  
Compact   impact   reimbursements   to   the   people   of   Guam.   The   senator   also   pointed   out   the   federal  
government’s   assertion   of   control   over   a   portion   of   the   Consolidated   Commission   on   Utilities   (CCU)  
countermanded  the  Federal  Government’ʹs  “One  Guam”  pledge.
“We   would   be   forced   to   give   up   1/3   of   the   voting   rights   on   our   CCU,   including   a   proportional  
representation  as  chairperson  of  the  Commission,  to  the  Secretary  of  Defense  in  addition  to  paying  the  
fair   market   value,”   Senator   Respicio   wrote,   “Demanding   a   1/3   share   of   the   CCU,   an   independent,  
democratically  elected  body  of  the  government  of  Guam,  does  not  sound  like  the  federal  government  is  
serious  about  the  ‘One  Guam’  approach.”
Respicio  urged  the  Secretary  of  Defense  to  carefully  consider  the  message  full  implementation  of  U.S.P.L.  
111-­‐‑383  will  send  to  the  people  of  Guam,  stating,  “I  implore  the  Secretary  to  do  what  he  should,  to  do  
what  he  knows  is  right,  for  and  by  the  forever  loyal  people  of  Guam.  Anything  less  will  be  an  affront  to  
history  and  to  Guam,  and  an  insult  to  every  person  who  has  ever  put  their  hands  over  theirhearts  and  
pledged  allegiance  to  ‘liberty  and  justice  for  all.’”
A   copy   of   Resolution   No.   48-­‐‑31   (COR)   can   be   found   on   the   Guam   Legislature’s   website   at  A  copy  of  Senator  Respicio’s  written  comments  to  Senator  Tom  Ada  has  been  
included  with  this  press  release,  for  your  convenience.