Respicio urged to step down

PAG general manager Rory Respicio said the new policy will allow the port to adjust its workforce level according to demand.


Guam – The Guam Citizens for Public Accountability is seeking the resignation of Port general manager Rory Respicio over his questionable mediation with Guam YTK without a sanction from the board.

Respicio, who has been the port’s general manager for only a month, has also received bad reviews from his predecessor, Joanne Brown.

“The first thing he did is he lied to the board of directors and through them he lied to the public of Guam. He said that he just made an initial overture to see if there was any interest,” said Ken Leon Guerrero, chairman of GCPA. “Well he went beyond that he had appointments, he had mediators all lined up and truth be known he probably had the number of $12 million in his head and he was going to sell that to the public as a victory that he got it down from $17 million to $12 million and we should bend over the table and thank him.”

Leon Guerrero also alleged that Respicio violated his authority as the port’s general manager by bypassing the board.

“The first thing he should of done was approach the board of directors and say hey I got this idea, this is what I want to do what do you think because remember his job as GM is to execute the policies they put before him. The third thing that he did is he declared to the people of Guam that he does not recognize the authority of the Board of Directors,” Leon Guerrero said.

“The people of Guam have a right to expect our leaders to put our interests ahead of politically well connected insiders. And in the case of Guam YTK, GRRP and a whole list of other situations that have been developing over the years unfortunately that is not the case. And we are seeing the poster child is Guam YTK and the actions of Rory Respicio.”

Leon Guerrero was referring to Respicio’s mediation which aimed at bringing down the YTK $17-million liability to $1-million. This game plan, according to Leon Guerrero, was not approved by the Port’s board.

“There is no guarantee that you can take it down from $17 million to $1 million when you consider the fact he’s talking about going through the mediation process.  We have a situation here where the company didn’t pay any rent didn’t pay any taxes didn’t build the fish plant it was contracted to and even though its only got a five year lease we have decided to give them 45 years of profits for a total of 14M dollars plus interest plus legal fees,” said Leon Guerrero

Leon Guerrero pointed toward the 800-pound gorilla in the room, “If we just accept what the local courts have said because if you take the same set of facts and put them in any other jurisdiction other than Guam there is no way this case would have made it past Anita Sukola’s initial ruling which was that the lease has been validated therefore she threw it out of court.”

Former port general manager  Joanne Brown has been critical of Respicio since he stepped into office and shared his plans to look into the controversial Port 7 termination case and YTK .

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