Respicio Wants a Philippine Labor Attache Stationed on Guam


Guam – Senator Rory Respicio has written to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton,  following  up  on  a  2009  request  for  a  labor  attaché  from  the  Philippine Department of Labor and Employment to be stationed in Guam to oversee the needs of guest  workers  employed  on  island  for  the  military  buildup.

The  Senator  expressed concern that since Guam will be the focus of the on‐going $15B military buildup, we need a labor attaché to be assigned here in Guam to deal with the expected increase of foreign workers coming from the Philippines.

Read Respicio’s letter to Secretary of  State Clinton

In his letter, Senator Respicio points out the original request for a labor attaché was made  two  years  ago  by  former  Senator  Frank  Aguon  to  then‐Philippines  Labor  and Employment Secretary Marianito Roque.  “I echo the good Senator’s sentiments,” said Respicio, “Senator Aguon’s request was prompted when several Filipino laborers had an unfortunate experience with their employer, and left Guam.”

Respicio opined that while no further incidences of this nature have occurred, there are other  urgent  matters  we’re  faced  with  now,  which  will  increase  over  time,  with particular regard to health care and health and life insurance which must be addressed quickly.   

“As  buildup  related  projects  progress,  the  shift  toward  regulation,  oversight  and enforcement of buildup activities is becoming increasingly more critical,” said Senator Respicio, who chairs the Committee on Human Resources, dealing with labor‐related issues.