Respico Calls on Calvo to Convene Guam 1st Commission; Calvo Says Position on Commission Unchanged


Guam – Senator Rory Respicio has written to Governor Eddie Calvo calling on him to convene “the Guam First Commission immediately.”

In a letter to the Governor, Senator Respicio expresses concern about Governor Calvo’s commitment to the Guam First Commission.

Following a meeting Wednesday with Administration officials on the Programmatic Agreement and Pagat, Respicio wrote to the Governor saying that he “found the language they used to be almost eerily reminiscent of that used by their predecessors in the last Administration. Unintentionally or not, they certainly gave the impression that they were following the same path as the previous Administration.”

The Camacho Administration never convened the Guam First Commission arguing that it was an infringement on Executive Authority over the Military Buildup.

Read Respicio’s letter to Governor Calvo

In his letter to the Governor, Senator Respicio “respectfully” requests that the Governor “immediately convene the Guam First Commission in order that it be the official vehicle to address the issue of the Programmatic Agreement and other concerns related to [the] Buildup.”

A release from Adelup Thrusday morning states that the Governor’s position on the Guam First Commission is unchanged. Governor Calvo voted for the measure authorizing the Commission and said during the campaign that he would convene it once he became Governor.