Restaurant provides hot meals to families in need

Lenny Fejeran and his crew decided to reopen the restaurant to provide hot meals to those in need and also keep their team working.

As the island continues to face COVID-19, one restaurant has helped make over 2000 meals for manamko’ and families in need over the past month.

Lenny Fejeran, along with his wife Pika, the owners of Kadu Guam, decided to reopen their restaurant to provide hot meals to those in need and also keep their team working.

Through a partnership with Catholic Social Services and the Mane’lu Foundation, the Kadu Care-Givers program was born.

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“We started this program as a way to supplement income for our labor for our team so that they continue to work. So we kinda thought of a way to get donations, take a percentage of that…and with the rest of the money, provide for people in need,” Fejeran said.

The program serves the restaurant’s namesake — Kadu — in tubs filled with stewed meat, vegetables, and hot broth along with scoops of white rice and have them delivered through Grab N’ Grub to low-income families, manamko’, and the homeless.

And while this program was borne out of trying to provide for their team and the community, Fejeran says that their work may continue even when the restrictions on businesses are lifted.

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“As long as people are in need and there are people who are willing to donate and help out, then yeah, this program will be something that can continue to go,” Fejeran said.

He added: “It’s always been a community-based business, so I feel the same. I actually feel really pumped up and excited because this concept is meant to do this. So I feel like we’re just at the right place at the right time.”

If you are interested in donating to the Kadu Care-Givers program, please visit KADU GUAM.COM or call 646-5238.