Restoration of Separation of Powers Act introduced

Senator Chris Duenas (file photo)

Senator Chris M. Dueñas, along with Senators James C. Moylan and Vicente “Tony” A. Ada, introduced “The Restoration of Separation of Powers Act.”

“This legislation will require the Governor of Guam to come down to the legislature for approval of an extension of any emergency AFTER the first 30 days of declaration thereof,” stated Senator Dueñas.

“This piece of legislation will provide the opportunity for all voices to be heard. Our people of Guam deserve a strong and co-equal branch of government to ensure equality and a true deliberation of policies that affects all of us. This proposed measure is a step in that direction.”, Senator Dueñas stated.

“This pandemic has been devastating and we know our government leaders have tough
decisions to make but that’s why they ran and were elected in the first place – to serve, to make the hard decisions, but most importantly, to look out for the well-being of our community. If our leaders look at making decisions in a vacuum, then they are truly unaware of what the real world is going through; and that is what has been happening since the beginning of this pandemic and will continue to do so without these checks and balances.”, Senator Duenas added.

Senator Duenas echoed the concerns of many in the community, including many in the private sector, who have been clamoring for more transparency since the pandemic reached our shores, and for a seat at the table when it comes to decision-making. The lockdown has brought devastating effects to thousands of families and hundreds of businesses on island.

“It was reiterated during the campaign that if elected, assuring that checks and balances exist, particularly when it comes to the livelihoods of so many in our community, would be among my utmost priorities. I also expressed that this would be the first measure I would introduce and would like to also thank Senator Moylan and Senator Ada for co-sponsoring the measure and look forward to attaining the support of my other colleagues as well,” Senator Duenas added.