Resumption of UOG vaccination clinic proceeding smoothly so far

Members of the Guam National Guard process vaccinations at the UOG Fieldhouse clinic. (Guam Guard photo)

After experiencing a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines, the Guam National Guard resumed its vaccination clinic at UOG this week and so far, there are no issues.

Operation Liberate Guam’s functions were put to a halt about two weeks ago due to the limited supply of COVID vaccines on the island.

The goal is to get the island 80% herd immunity through vaccines by Liberation Day on July 21, 2021.

The clinic continues its initiative at the UOG Calvo Fieldhouse which is being operated by the Guam Guard in partnership with Public Health and the Office of the Governor.

Captain Mark Scott, the public affairs officer of the Guam National Guard, says the clinic has been running smoothly so far since Monday.

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Scott says some of the key factors to running a successful clinic is encouraging eligible residents for the vaccine who choose to walk in not to come in earlier because that would contribute to the long lines and longer waiting times.

He says that he isn’t aware of any complaints being reported.

Scott assures that there won’t be any shortage of vaccines this time around.

“So in partnership with Public Health, there will be more math getting done and also more coordination that we need to do as far as not making the appointment links available after the time that we can foresee that we may have a shortage,” Scott said.

He added that the Guam Guard will resume clinic appointments next week for eligible residents to get their first dose of COVID vaccines.

The Guam Guard has already administered the vaccine to about 20,000 island residents.

Meanwhile, Christine Blas, a resident of Tamuning, says she only waited a week to get dose 2 of the Pfizer vaccine.

She says that she is feeling fine.

Blas encourages residents to get vaccinated.

“I feel that it is very important for your protection, your family’s protection, and for everyone around us,” Blas said.

Dededo resident Jacqueline says that she was supposed to get her second dose of the Moderna vaccine in the latter part of February.

She says that she is feeling okay and the vaccine is nothing to be scared of.

“In my first dose, I only had soreness in my arms for the first couple days but after that, I was okay. So this time, I’m hoping it’s the same or less,” Jacqueline said.

To date, there have been a total of 52,248 people on Guam who have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

According to Captain Scott, vaccination clinic appointments are open for Thursday through Saturday.

Eligible residents can sign up online.