Retail theft complaint leads to arrest of couple and recovery of stolen vehicle

Guam Police Department (PNC file photo)

On Friday, April 24, an officer from the Guam Police Department was flagged down by an employee of Tutujan Quick Shop in Sinajana.

According to GPD spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao, the officer was informed that a female
passenger within a flatbed truck had just left and stole some items within the store.

The officer was able to conduct a traffic stop by the Sinajana Mobil Gas Station and noted that the flatbed truck did not display front and rear license plates.

The officer was then informed by police dispatch that the vehicle in question had just been reported stolen.

The male operator and the female passenger were later transported to GPD Headquarters in Tiyan.

Officers later arrested Jordan Michael Babauta, 27-year-old male, for the following offenses: Retail Theft; No Display of License Plates; No Driver’s License in Possession; Theft of a Motor Vehicle; and Assault on a Peace Officer

Also arrested was Memorina Delgado Manuel, 22-year-old female, for the following offenses: Retail Theft and Theft of a Motor Vehicle

They were later booked and confined at the Department of Corrections. This case has been forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General for prosecution.