Reten Rousan gets 15-year jail sentence


Reten Rousan will spend 15 years confined at the Department of Corrections after pleading guilty to Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a First Degree Felony for forcing a 12-year-old minor to engage in sexual intercourse in 2019.

His co-defendant, Ermina Sukiol, has served nearly three years in jail. She was officially sentenced yesterday and, based on the input of the victim, will not spend additional time in

Both defendants must register as sex offenders.

Prosecuting Attorney Richelle Canto said, “Although no amount of imprisonment can
reverse the damage that has occurred to the minor victim, it is our hope that the finality
this sentence brings can provide her closure and healing. This 15-year sentence puts the
community on notice that alcohol does not excuse the defendant’s atrocious conduct. For
every heinous crime, there must be a commensurate punishment.”