Retired high-ranking police officer acquitted of terrorizing and reckless conduct

(Viewer submitted photo)

Former Guam Police Department Lieutenant Jojo Garcia was found not guilty yesterday at the Superior Court of Guam by a jury.

The month-long trial concluded Friday. Garcia was charged with terrorizing, reckless conduct, and official misconduct from three incidents in 2021.

As PNC previously reported, last year on December 3rd, video footage circulating through social media depicted several individuals in a residential area involved in a disturbance. One of the individuals was an officer brandishing a firearm.

During the trial, Garcia testified saying he was protecting his family during the incident.

In a comment to PNC’s Don Sulat, Garcia’s attorney, Peter Santos believes that Garcia should not have been charged but was glad the case prevailed, “I really believe that it was unjust for him to be charged in the first place.”

He continued, “And Jojo was just protecting himself. there was a lot of background and history in that neighborhood that needed to be looked at for the context.”

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