REtroSPECT Band Reunion Tour Coming to Guam


Get ready for a retro night!

Guam – The band members of REtroSPECT have reunited and they’re ready to perform this Friday at the Sheraton.


They are J. Martin, Ogie, Em-J and Goldie, collectively known as REtroSPECT! The Philippines’ Retro Pop Music Authority and the 23rd ALIW Awards’ Best Group Performer Hall Of Fame Awardee is back together for their 2016 Reunion Tour. REtroSPECT is best known for their 70s retro fashion and covers of ABBA, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, and more as well as their hit songs such as “Who Will” and “Flying High”. 

REtroSPECT member J. Martin describes their music as, “a fusion of retro music and the now sound, the electronic music. It’s that combination so we can entertain the now and before crowd. It’s going to be a big retro night with music and fashion. It might not happen again very soon so people of Guam, to all our locals, grab the opportunity to party with us at the Sheraton this Friday. Don’t miss it for anything else because we have invested our time and effort. Also because part of our tickets go to our beneficiary ABS-CBN’s Bantay Bata.”
You can get your tickets at any 76 Circle K locations and at the Sheraton Laguna Resort.