Reusable bags donated to various non-profit groups

The Americorps VARO team donated reusable, upcycled bags just in time for the plastic bag ban. (PNC photo)

In commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, members of the Serve Guam Commission and Americorp donated various supplies to nonprofits all over the island.

At Salvation Army Monday afternoon, the Americorps VARO team donated reusable, upcycled bags just in time for the plastic bag ban.

Every year, Americorps VARO does activities that give back to the community.

With the new plastic bag ban in effect on January 1st, this year’s project was focused on donating reusable bags.

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An estimated 450 reusable bags were made and donated. Made since December, the bags were made of approved, old service gear that the non-profit had.

Sarah Taitano, AmeriCorp VARO program director, said: “We know that one of our target populations are the families and communities of low-income, disadvantaged population. So we thought we could help out with the bags. With the Americorps spirit, we want to encourage the community to think of creative opportunities and solutions, just like the bags, to help out.”

Salvation Army Corps Officers, Captains Kari and Eric Rudd are thankful for the donations as they come at a perfect time for their clients who use their food pantries.

“It’s something that the clients can bring back, again and again, each month and reuse. So we think it’s really genius that they used the t-shirts to upcycle and we’re very, very pleased. We’ll put them to use as soon as tomorrow for the food pantry so this is perfect timing,” Captain Eric Rudd said.

Captain Kari Rudd added: “I’m just really appreciative that everybody on Guam … how much everybody comes collectively together and support each other. It’s like I’ve said, it’s not like anything I’ve seen. We’re from the mainland and it’s never been like this before, so it’s wonderful.”

The other places where AmeriCorps has donated are Western Pacific Veterans Community, Global Dorms, and VARO.