Rev & Tax: Assessors Will Inspect Commercial Properties For Improvements Starting MONDAY


Guam – The Department of  Rev and Tax has issued the following public notice that on Monday assessors will start inspecting commercial and industrial properties for improvements that might result in an increase in your property value and the tax you pay on it.


READ the Notice from the Department of Rev and Tax below:

WHEREAS, the Tax Assessor of the Government of Guam, in conformity with the law relating to real property taxation, hereby gives notice that he will conduct inspections of commercial improvements to land commencing July 9, 2012 to August 31, 2012.

Now therefore, the Department of Revenue and Taxation personnel (field inspectors) will be visiting commercial and industrial class real estate throughout the   island of Guam to conduct an administrative review of said property. These inspections are designed to ensure the accuracy of property record data and to update existing assessment records.

Inspectors will have identification badges and will introduce themselves when they visit a property.  As part of the inspection of commercial buildings, it is necessary for the field inspectors to enter the premises.  If no one is present at the time of the initial call, the inspector will measure the exterior of the improvement and post a department calling card.  No Department of Revenue and Taxation employee will ever visit a property without showing official identification. If you would like to contact our office to verify if a person is a Department of Revenue and Taxation employee, please call our office at 635-1895/1896 or 1897.

Please note under the law, any property willfully concealed, transferred or misrepresented by the owner to evade taxation may be assessed a penalty of not more than ten (10) times the value upon discovery.

For any questions regarding this process, please call the Appraisal Branch Supervisor’s office at 635-1895.

/s/        JOHN P. CAMACHO
Tax Assessor of the Government of Guam
P.O. Box 23607 GMF, BARRIGADA GUAM 96921