Rev & Tax Sending Out Enumerators in Effort to Update Property Tax Valuations


Guam – The Governor’s Office has issued a release advising that staff members from the Department of Revenue and Tax will be going from home to home in coming days to assess any improvements to your property.


Its part of an island-wide assessment required by law that may result in an increase in your property taxes.

Officials advise that all enumerators will be carrying official Rev and Tax photo IDs. And they are asking for the public co-operation with the staff members who come to your home.

READ the release in FULL below:

The following is news from the Department of Revenue and Taxation. The Governor’s Office is sending out this release on DRT’s behalf:

Effective immediately, the Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT), Real Property Tax Division will be conducting field validation of property improvements as part of its island-wide assessment as per 11 GCA, Chapter 24, Section 24306.  For the safety of the public and our staff, all Property Enumerators will be carrying official DRT credentials containing their photo, name, and physical description on the front of the badge.  We ask for the public’s cooperation in providing access to the exterior of their property so that accurate data may be collected.  Our staff may ring your doorbell or knock on your door to speak with you about the property but at no time will they require access to the interior nor will they ask to enter.  If you have any doubt about the legitimacy of the person at your doorstep, please do not open the door.  Your safety comes first!  Questions and concerns may be directed to the Real Property Tax Division at 635-1892,1896, or 635-7667.