Rev & Tax, Land Management among priority agencies for reopening

The Department of Land Management is among the priority agencies set for re-opening.

Now that the roadblock barriers have come down, the next step being planned by GovGuam is to get some essential agencies back open.

Topping the agenda for re-opening are the Department of Revenue and Taxation and the Department of Land Management.

The Pacific News Center has obtained a copy of the plan to resume limited services at Land Management. It would allow for the recording and researching of deeds and other documents in order to relieve the backlog. And it would provide access to the research library for title companies and the general public.

Under the plan, documents could be dropped off on the 3rd floor parking level of the ITC building.

Drivers would honk their horns and a Land Management employee would then come and retrieve the document to be filed or request for document.

The Department of Rev and Tax is also being configured to meet social distancing requirements.

The Governor spoke with K57’s Patti Arroyo last Friday about what’s being done there to get it re-opened.

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“We’re actually already working and re-configuring their workspace so there is social distancing. And if we have face to face with people we’re looking at putting up plexiglass or something,” the governor said.

No date has been announced yet for re-opening either Rev and Tax or Land Management.

The governor yesterday said that her recovery plan will be unveiled this Thursday.