Rev & Tax: Unlike EIP, you have to apply for $800 All RISE payments

(PNC file photo)

Department of Revenue and Taxation director Dafne Shimizu spoke with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo to give more details about the All RISE Program.

The ALL RISE Program modifies the RISE Act to expand eligibility. The RISE Act originally excluded GovGuam employees.

Shimizu said that the only requirement to be eligible for All RISE is to have an adjusted gross income of $40,000 dollars or less.

That includes local and federal government employees, retirees and recipients of Social Security and PUA.

The program will give payouts of $800 dollars.

As to why residents need to apply for All RISE instead of just using their tax returns, Shimizu said that’s because the program is locally mandated.

She said that Rev and Tax was allowed to use tax information for the EIP program because of the way the law was constructed.

But they don’t have that permission for the All RISE Program.

Because of that, they need explicit permission from each resident to use their tax information.

Shimizu said that Rev and Tax is still working out the details of the program.

“We’ve been already meeting internally, communicating with our IT vendor to make sure we can get these done as quickly as possible, to get the programming done. That’s really a large amount of the information we have at this time,” Shimizu said.

She added: “And again we’re still working on the programming for the system, working to develop the application form, so we can make sure that all of our eligible residents are able to apply and have the proper guidance, including our Social Security recipients, and those who did receive unemployment in this last year.”

Shimizu said that Rev and Tax will be releasing an FAQ soon.

She said that more information will be available in the next couple of weeks.