Rev & Tax’s vehicle registration section will move out of main building

DRT's vehicle registration section will soon be finding a new home. (PNC photo)

The Department of Revenue and Taxation will be moving one of its busiest sections out of its main headquarters in Barrigada.

DRT director Dafne Shimizu told Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo Wednesday morning that the vehicle registration section will soon be finding a new home.

Shimizu said that a large number of people require services at Rev and Tax and the department can’t accommodate so many people in its main building.

She said that the department’s deputy director is in charge of the effort and his team is currently doing site visits to find a new facility.

Shimizu said that Rev and Tax will make an announcement when the move is complete.

She also discussed economic impact payments.

Shimizu said that the department is closely watching developments in Washington DC to see if a third EIP will happen.

Until then, she said her department is focused on EIP 2 payments and the Rebate Recovery Credit.

For those who haven’t filed their taxes yet, Shimizu encourages as many people as possible to file online.

She said online filing eliminates the gap between filing and processing that exists when returns are filed manually.

And that gap can cause problems when it comes to qualifying for programs like the EIP.

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“The great thing about filing online is that once you file online, as long as your information is valid and your social security number, all of your income tax information, then it’s considered validly filed and processed. And that phrase, as you know, has been very critical. That was something that we had made sure was included in our language for EIP 1 and also for 2. And the reason why validly filed and processed is important, especially for jurisdictions like us that have the majority of our filings done manually, is because when we say validly filed and processed, it’s not enough for something to just be filed,” Shimizu said.

Shimizu said that she and her federal counterparts in the IRS think that a third EIP is likely to happen.

She said they plan to schedule a call to discuss the matter with other U.S. Insular Areas sometime soon.