RFP to Reconstruct Simon Sanchez High School is Out

The Simon Sanchez High School community has been waiting for this for a long time and it’s finally here.

The $100-million dollar Request for Proposal to reconstruct Sanchez and to patch up the other public schools on island is finally out and published for interested bidders.


DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says, “I’m very excited. We promised the kids at Simon Sanchez that we would address their facility and we’re finally at a point where we could meet that commitment. It means we can get those proposals in from interested bidders. These are folks that are going to be able to finance and manage a project such as this. It will give us a chance to jump start the work on Simon Sanchez High School to determine how that facility will be improved.” 

With the near shutdown of Sanchez in 2013, Fernandez says he’ll leave it up to the bidders whether a new Sanchez should be built or to try and salvage the existing dilapidated campus. However, it states in the RFP that whatever construction the bidders are planning on doing, it should not result in campus closure, double session or any utility service disruption. It also requires the bidder to put Sanchez in compliance with the Federal and Local Building Code Standards and to construct new facilities within the school such as…
Fernandez says, “A new cafeteria, we’re definitely going to need a sports facility because they don’t have one right now but to an extent that it’s cost effective and efficient.” 
The RFP requests that the reconstruction of Sanchez be completed in two years. The other key piece on this RFP is the Master Facilities Plan. Fernandez says whatever remains of the $100 million after rebuilding Sanchez will be used to fix up the rest of the public schools. 
Fernandez says, “We recognized that a lot of our secondary schools are the most challenging because of their age, the wear and tear of those bigger populations and so forth. So after Sanchez, I would foresee that there would be other interests amongst our high schools and middle schools in getting the attention next. There’s also been a discussion of perhaps another middle school in the central area. I’m sure all of those issues will be entertaining as we sit down and looking at the RFP plan moving forward.” 
Fernandez says they will be looking at the old studies done by Sodexo and the US Army Corps of Engineers, as well as the changing demographics of the schools. This is so they can better come up with a strategic plan to deploy the additional resources to the remainder of the schools.
He says, “What we want to do overall is to make sure we spread the resources out as much as possible to as many schools as possible but also to make sure the schools are conducive to learning, safe, and will be able to get us far into the future as far as providing that safe and learning environment.”
The pre-prosposal conference and a Simon Sanchez High School site inspection for the interested bidders are scheduled for Monday, July 6th.