RFP to Renovate Simon Sanchez High School Delayed Again

The $100-million dollar Request for Proposal to fix up Simon Sanchez High School and 35 other DOE schools has been delayed again, this time, by two weeks.

Guam – The offers from interested companies were supposed to be due this Friday November 6th, however, according to Department of Public Works Deputy Director Felix Benavente, one of the offerers asked for a 10-day extension, moving the due date for offers to November 20th. Benavente says there are 5 interested qualified offerers.

He explains, “One of the proposers or prospective offerers asked for an extension because their design people and their finance people needed more time to go over answers we gave. We didn’t change the RFP at all, we just clarified some terms. Just to be fair and clear and to make sure we had as many participants in the bid process as possible, we granted the extension. We think it’s a good idea. The RFPs are expected to be submitted by November 20 4pm. No more extensions.” 
Benavente explains that after offers are due, the selection committee, which includes GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez, will rate the offers and issue out the project as soon as possible. He further explains that under the RFP, once the design for the renovations are ready, they will break ground, and the chosen company only has two years to finish the project. 


  1. May I suggest that the students from Okkodo High and Sanchez High switch schools? Why you ask? The sad thing here is we have children of migrants who are attending a state of the art school and then you have the dump called Sanchez where our Chamorros and Filipinos are treated like 2nd class citizens on their own island.
    No one wants to say it but if the roles were reversed, would the FSM build a state of the art school for immigrants and instead send their own people to a dilapidated school? You know the answer to that question.

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