Ribbon cutting ceremony held for Route 3 widening from Route 28 to Chalan Kareta

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Route 3 widening project (PNC photo)

The Department of Public Works held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its Route 3 widening from Route 28 to Chalan Kareta project.

The $42.6 million project was completely funded by the Defense Access Roads(DAR). It started in February of 2018 and was completed in July of 2020.

Black Construction Corporation worked on the project.

The scope of this project was to widen a section of approximately 2.8 miles on Route 3, starting near the intersection of Route 28 and ending near the Chalan Kareta.

DPW director Vincent Arriola said this was a huge expansion of the roadway and hopes northern residents are just as happy as the department.

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“We went from 3 lanes to 5 lanes, including sidewalks, running paths, things of that nature … and a lot of safety features. So this will be really able to assist the traffic up north and south. We are really pleased the project turned out well,” Arriola said.

This project included the addition of a bicycle path, drainage improvements, installation of new utility corridors, utility relocation, and two new traffic signals.