Ribbon cutting held for airport’s international arrivals corridor

Airport international arrivals corridor ribbon cutting. (PNC photo)

The A.B. Won Pat International Airport Guam held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday to officially open the airport’s international arrivals corridor Phase 1.

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John Quinata, the executive manager of the GIAA, says this is a huge milestone for the international airport as this is much needed since 9/11.

“So basically what happens now, the passengers that are arriving at Guam that are coming in from international destinations, they will go into this international corridor and go up to the third floor and then walk all the way down to customs and border protection,” Quinata said.

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He added: “Overall, this takes away the commingling of departing and arriving passengers to and from Guam which is a TSA requirement that was implemented by the airport since 9/11.”

Moving forward, Quinata said the airport expects the east arrival corridor to be completed later this year.