Ribbon Cutting Unveiled the New Government of Guam Relief Center

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In an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo on July 11, 2022, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero talked about the opening of the Guam Relief Center.

Arroyo congratulated the Governor on opening the Relief Center, where residents can receive assistance for government programs.

Gov stated, “We’ve been pushing out so many programs, Patti. Prugraman Salappe 2, Prugraman Salappe 3, childcare, rental assistance, utility assistance, mortgage assistance, and so what we decided is we need to have just one center where someone who is seeking help can go to and be helped all the applications and documents needed, so they don’t have to continuously be coming back for more documents and so forth.”

Medicaid and SNAP will also be at the Guam Relief Center.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero stated, “If you feel that you need some assistance, please come, and we will help you in one way or another we’ll also have Medicaid assistance there. We’ll also have SNAP assistance, you know, all the public service assistance that are moving forward. Child care is another one ”

The Relief Center will have trained employees that will assist residents that need help with their applications and upon completion, the applications will be sent to Public Health for them.

Gov. Stated, “There are trained people there that will help them through the application process, and then once that application process is completed, they will send it out to Public Health for processing, and they should be getting their assistance.”

Arroyo confirms with Gov. Leon Guerrero that utilizing the Relief Center could help residents see what other government assistance programs they could qualify for.

Patti Arroyo the host of Mornings with Patti on Newstalk k57 asked, “So if you went to this Relief Center, you could find out that it’s more than just Prugraman Salappe.”

Gov. Lou responded, “Yeah, you might qualify for rental assistance or even mortgage, mortgage assistance”

The new Guam Relief Center is located on the 3rd floor of the Bank of Hawaii building in Hagatna from 8 am to 5 pm.
For more information, call (671) 475-2060.