Ricky Guerrero and Randy Rosaldo on the Big Show with Travis Coffman


Alaka’i Pacific, Inc:

Specialty:  Duct Fabrication

Projects:  GRMC, Naval Hospital, and smaller jobs by various contractors.

Licenses:  Guam Contractors Licensing Board, C37 (Plumbing), C40/C51 (Refrigeration/Air Conditioning).  Welding Permit issued by the GFD.

Established on Guam:  Feb 2013

Location on Guam:  Harmon Industrial Park

Facility Information:

– Brand New Facility, Construction started in October 2011.
– 18,000 SF of which 3000 SF are office spaces.
– Warehouse is Air Conditioned.
– Over 25 pieces of various Sheet Metal Equipment to perform the task at hand, including a plasma cutter for fast and accurate cuts
– Thermal Insulation and Vapor Barrier: Prefabricated panels for the
entire building envelope. This reduces the heat gain and humidity
intrusion while conserving energy.
-Air Curtain System: Installed at the large door opening. This
reduces the outside air infiltration when the door is open and therefore
the space conditions are maintained.
-High Velocity Jet Diffusers: They are installed on the supply air
ductwork, creating spot cooling for the people at the working stations.
This eliminates cooling of the facility’s large space volume and reduces
energy consumption while maintaining reasonable comfort for the
working people.

Alaka’i Pacific is a subsidiary of Alaka’i Mechanical in Hawaii.

Information about the Alaka’i family:

-39 years in Hawaii
-Voted one of the top contractors in Hawaii by the Building Industry Magazine July 2013 Edition
-Employees in Hawaii:  257
-Revenue:  $57.9 Million
-Winner of the BBB Torch Award in the large business category in 2012.

Chairman:  Clark Skip Morgan
President/CEO: Ralph Inouye

Alaka’i Pacific Mission Statement:  Create a team that will work cohesively toward a common goal;  Do our share and support the needs of our community

Current focus:  Sheetmetal Operations.  Looking for qualified personnel to join our team.  Randy will talk about his experiences in the Sheemetal career field.

Guam Under Construction for the week of July 24, 2013. Listen to the Big Show with Travis Coffman every day 2 to 6 pm on Newstalk K-57. {mp3}072413_151022{/mp3}