Ridgell: my campaign is not for sale

Clynt Ridgell files for his senatorial candidacy at the Guam Election Commission on Monday morning, June 25, 2018.

This contender says fighting waste, fraud, and abuse credibly means staking his claim—right out of the starting gate.

Guam – Former PNC News anchor Clynt Ridgell officially filed for his senatorial candidacy at the Guam Election Commission at the GCIC Building in Hagatna on Monday morning, after picking up his packet one month and 11 days ago.

Building on his initial campaign pledge to restore trust in the island’s leadership, and in the political process as a whole, the Democratic candidate aims to prove he is beholden to no one, approaching Guam’s August 25th primary election.

“And I said that I would work hard to earn that trust from the people, which is why I’ve decided to place a self-imposed cap on the amount of money I can receive in contributions from any one person, any one business, or any one entity,” Ridgell said. “The self-imposed cap I’ll be placing will be $50.00 max.”

PNC asked Ridgell what anti-corruption initiatives he has planned in his first attempt at senator. The candidate said his fundraising promise is the beginning of his anti-corruption stance, that right now he’s concentrating on getting his campaign off on the right foot. He suggested that hard initiatives will come in due course, but that his self-imposed campaign contributions cap speaks for itself in an age of super-pacs and unlimited fundraising.

“The reason why I’m doing this is because I believe it’s the only way I can truly make decisions and make the right decisions without being—without feeling—pressured in any way by any sort of special interest or by big money or big business,” Ridgell said. “It means no big money, it means no special interests will own me. It means my campaign and my candidacy is not for sale.”

Ridgell was joined by his mother, father, wife, children, and even close relative and current Republican lawmaker Fernando Esteves, who told PNC that he is endorsing Ridgell’s bid for senator. Esteves himself is not seeking reelection.