Rising Cost Of Custom Fees


Guam – It’s been nearly 15 years since Guam Customs last adjusted their fees. With the port modernization just about to begin and the anticipation of the military buildup, a new fee schedule will be necessary to meet the rising cost of custom services.

According to Guam Customs Director Dennis Santo Tomas, these fees will be industry compliant with the shippers and freight forwarders.  The rates will move from the current fix rate system to a weight base methodology of charging for Customs services. He says they have established thresholds for both the air cargo and the maritime cargo.

Santo Tomas says, On the air cargo side of the house the first 100 pounds or less will be a flat rate $5.00 and anything beyond 100 pounds will be charged at a variable rate of .0012. And on the maritime side of the house, we have a fix threshold of 4,000 pounds, anything 4000 pounds or less on the maritime cargo side will be a fixed rate of  $5.00 and anything in excess of that 4,000 pounds will be charged the same variable rate of .0012 per pound.

Santo Tomas says the revenues generated will be used to hire more personal, to modernize their technology systems and to buy new equipment. He says by doing this it will help raise the bar for customer service.

According to the office of Senator Judi Gutherz, Chair on the Guam Military Buildup and Homeland Security,  there isn’t an effective date for the new fee increase because this policy still needs to go through the legislative process.