VIDEO: Rival Family Members Dispute Events That Led to Triple Shooting


Guam – John Mamaligsa, the cousin of one of the victims in Wednesday’s triple homicide, contacted PNC News Thursday night to say that Marites Mamaligsa and Marites’ aunt Isabelita Pamintuan were the 2 female victims in the shooting.

John Mamaligsa accused Park Ranger Nick Caudell of  being the shooter who killed the two women and then turned the gun on himself. He also accused Caudell of stalking Isabelita.

Mamaligsa Thursday night said the family wanted to speak to PNC News and tell their side of  the story. But today he informed us that Guam Police had asked them not to comment and the interview was cancelled.

Caudell was found dead at the scene in what now appears to be a murder-suicide. But it is still not clear who did the killing and who committed suicide.

Caudell’s daughter, 20 year old Nya Caudell, told PNC News that her father “is not the type to kill himself … he would not leave us … especially that way.”

Nya Caudell spoke to us from her home in Hollywood Florida. She also argued that her father would not have been the one to kill himself  because he was shot in the chest, and people who commit suicide don’t shoot themselves in the chest.

Nya also said that her mother [who is Filipina] spoke to Nick and warned him about Isabelita because “Filipina women are kinda of like spiteful in a way.”

Nya said that she understands why Isabelita’s side of the family would accuse her father because “they didn’t like him.”

“I don’t know who did it,” said Nya, “but I don’t think my father would do that.”

Guam Police have not released any information about who did what to whom and why. Nor has GPD confirmed the identities of the dead.

 Guam Medical Examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola is performing autopsies on the 3 victims today to determine the exact cause of death.


[Marites Mamaligsa’ photo from FaceBook]


alt[Isabelita Pamintuan; photo from FaceBook]

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