RMI adds more countries to travel ban

Marshall Islands flag

With more novel coronavirus cases emerging in different parts of the world, the Marshall Islands has expanded its travel advisory, adding more countries to its travel ban list.

In an advisory issued on Wednesday, the Marshall Islands government announced the suspension of all air and sea inbound and outbound travels to coronavirus affected countries, namely; China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Italy, Iran, and Japan.

The government also cautions its citizens and residents from traveling to other countries not on the list and to consider postponing their travel arrangements.

The government also ordered its officials to suspend all international trips sponsored by public funds or by outside agencies and organizations. However, patients approved for healthcare or medical services outside the Marshall Islands are excepted from the restrictions.

To make sure that the Marshall Islands continue to receive food and supplies, all container vessels coming from or passing through the restricted countries as part of their routine path, are exempted from the sea travel suspension.

However, the ships are required to spend 30 days outside of the Marshall Islands before docking in the RMI port or station. All container vessels are required to follow the SOP set by the RMI Ports Authority.

The Marshall Islands is currently addressing a dengue outbreak that has so far claimed two lives and infected more than two thousand residents.