RNC Chairman Steele Says Guam Republicans Are Setting the Pace for the Rest of Nation


Guam – In a keynote address to Guam’s GOP Tuesday night, National Republican party Chairman Michael Steele congratulated the island’s Republicans for their strong showing in last Saturday’s Primary Election and said they’re setting the pace for republican victories in the rest of the country.

An opportunity for victory and for the Republican party to win on Guam in November, that’s is the main reason why Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele visited Guam. Tuesday night at the Fiesta Resort in Tumon, Steele gave a keynote speech to the island Republicans. Steele says as the Republican party plans to win throughout the country, he wants it start with Guam.

Steele says,  “The first shots from the 2012 victory celebrations will be heard coming out of Guam. We are very excited to win the Governor race and to make significant gains in the legislature because its important to help build momentum with this team.”

Steele says the momentum starts here and hopefully it will springboard the republican party into 2012. Their goal is to set the tone for victory on Guam. Steele is impressed with all the number of republican voters that came for Guam’s primary election and through out the rest of the country.

 According to Steele, “We are arguing our principles, we are applying it to policies and the people are responding. As we saw in New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts  and in Hawaii. That momentum will continue here on Guam. I think its exciting and we are looking forward to be at the table working with the leadership to get the ground swell going, to get the grass roots and win in November.”

Steels believes the surge of republican voters throughout the country stems from the people responding to the democratic leadership in Washington and throughout the country. He says for over a year the american people have asked the democratic administration to listen to them.

Steele, says “And for over the past year and a half the democratic administration has thumbed their nose. So now the people have a chance to respond at the ballot box . The efforts by the administration have been touting out another job bills and another small business program is too little too late. And I think the people are beginning to make up their minds and they said they are looking to move in another direction, we are bringing the change we want not what with you want and thats a powerful message.”

Steele says the republicans have been on the right side of the people because they listen to what they have to say. He also says you saw the response in the turnout by the republican activist in the primary, and will see a bigger response in Novemeber.

And what would Steele like to see in the Guam General elections this November.  

Steele smiles and says.” I want to see wins across the board, you know it.”