Guthertz Seeks Relief For Tri-Intersection Businesses Hurt By Road Construction


Guam – Senator Judi Guthertz is calling on the Attorney General and the Legislature’s Public Works Chair to respond to business concerns about road construction at the tri-intersection.

Among those busineses is Crown Bakery which has been in business since the 1960’s. Owner Kathy Robinson says since the road construction began at the tri – intersection, walk-in business has dropped off by about 15%.

Robinson says, “It’s also affecting our employees because of the drop of sales we had to cut everyone’s hours so that affects our employees as well.”

Despite keeping the same business hours, some of her regular customers have changed the hours when they frequent the shop to avoid the traffic congestion at the intersection. But for other customers they simply stayed away. Robinson has concerns with the final road construction because she doesn’t know how they designed the traffic flow.

Robinson says, “ People have been accessing our business from both sides of the traffic . One of my concerns is will they be able to turn left into the bakery like they did before or will DPW be putting a medium here.”

Robinson last heard that the construction will be completed by March. But a worker at the construction site says they were delayed by three months and the road work won’t be completed until June. He says that’s due to DPW, because the agency could decide whether to make the intersection a two or three lanes. He says DPW eventually decided to stay with only two lanes because adding a third lane would have added close to 180 days to this project. DPW Director Andy Leon Guerrero was unavailable for a comment.

Across the street is another business, RPM, an auto service, that is losing money due to this road work. According to its owner Michael Anderson, in July DPW has barricaded their access driveway, since then they have lost 70% of their business. Senator Judi Guthertz says as far back as 2 months she has written to the Governor Camacho and DPW Director Guerrero to challenge them to consider the impact of these projects on small businesses.

 Guthertz says, “ Its not just inconveniencing people with driving delays its the impact of the small businesses that’s the heart of this community. We want them to thrive we want them to stay open and we want them to employee people. But we are basically forcing them to close their doors because this government doesn’t have the creativity to work with these businesses to find alternative ways to . Help them to stay open even thought theses projects are going on.  Shame on Public Works.”

Senator Tom Ada chair of public works says he will be having an over site hearing within the next two to three weeks with DPW officials to address this situation. Ada hopes this oversite hearing will be able to address some of the major concerns the small business have with this ongoing construction at the tri intersection.

Shortly before news time, Senator Ada called for an over site hearing to address all the issues surrounding at the construction at the tri –  intersection. The hearing  will be held next Friday, November 12th at 6PM in the public hearing room at the Legislature.