Robert Kutz to Serve as Ethics Committee Counsel


Guam – The ethics committee unveiled it’s interim attorney for the two complaints that have been filed against senator and Lt. Governor-elect Ray Tenorio. Robert Kutz will be the interim attorney for the ethics committee. He is the same attorney who represented former senator Matt Rector in his ethics complaint.




 After determining that there was a potential conflict of interest with attorney Camacho for donations he made to the Calvo/Tenorio team the legislature’s ethics committee found another attorney to sit in as legal counsel to the committee for two complaints filed against senator and lt. governor elect Ray Tenorio. Attorney Robert Kutz will serve as interim legal counsel to the Commitee. Kutz is no stranger to the ethics committee, he defended former senator Matt Rector when he had an ethics complaint filed against him. “One of the things that perhaps some of you all may remember is that I represented Matt Rector before the same committee obviously a very different role,” said Kutz.

 In this case Kutz will be deciding the merit of two complaints against Tenorio, one filed by Gutierrez Aguon campaign volunteer Harold Cruz and the other by Dr. William Weare. Cruz’s complaint stems from an allegation that Tenorio began using the Tenorio name while his legal name was still Raymond Waddey. Dr. Weare’s complaint alleges that Tenorio committed an act of moral turpitude by failing to make child support payments to the children from his first marriage. Kutz says that he will also consider the motivation behind the complaints that were filed. “The scope of what I plan to do is to examine not only the actions that are alleged but also where do the allegations come from what is their source and that sort of thing,” said Kutz

 The attorney added that he will begin by requiring the complainants to both verify their complaints by signing a document in essence swearing that they believe the complaints to be accurate and true under penalty of perjury. “Section 290405 requires that a complaint be verified and the language of the rule states that the complaint must be verified as true or that the complainant believes that the allegations be true under the penalty of perjury,” said Kutz.

 The committee will give the complainants until 5pm tomorrow to sign documents verifying their complaints. Kutz will need more time to complete his investigation and provide his actual recommendations to the committee thus, they recessed until next Tuesday the 28th of December.