Rock-throwing, machete-wielding minors apprehended

Guam Police Department (PNC file photo)

Guam – Streets are a little safer this weekend, thanks to the joint effort of the local community and law enforcement.

The Guam Police Department this morning announced that they’ve apprehended three minors who assaulted a woman at the GNN Apartments in Harmon last week. The boys were caught on camera throwing rocks and threatening the older woman with a machete. The video was later circulated on social media.

Police Spokesperson Sgt. Paul Tapao issued a release saying a tip from the community about the machete-wielder led to the capture of a 14-year-old male. During his interview with the police, the boy admitted to his involvement in the crime and divulged the identities of his thieving cohort — two other male minors aged 13 and 14. They were soon apprehended and brought to the Tiyan headquarters where they also confessed their involvement.

All three minors were taken to DYA and held for home invasion, burglary and aggravated assault, among other charges.