ROD Shows Pagat Selected Before DEIS Release


Guam – We Are Guahan has found some interesting information regarding the choice of pagat in dod’s record of decision.




We Are Guahan member Leevin Camacho says the rod clearly states that the delay with Pagat is not to identify alternative sites. In fact the ROD explains how DOD selected Pagat as the preferred site because any of the other alternatives would require splitting up the ranges. DOD officials labeled in the ROD as the Guam Executive Commission wanted all of the ranges put in one place or one firing range complex. “There were at least five other alternatives that were talked about or discussed amongst DOD officials and rather than give people an opportunity to comment on that they prevented it from getting made public and you look at whats in the DEIS and what’s in the Record of Decision they’ve been very selective about what information they give to the public to avoid any scrutiny and that’s not what the NEPA law’s about.” Camacho adds that the ROD clearly shows that DOD made the decision to select Pagat for the firing range in 2008 about a year and a half before the release of the Draft EIS.