Rodriguez Congratulates GMH on Regaining Full Accreditation


Guam – Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., has sent a letter to the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority congratulating the Board of Trustees, doctors, nurses and staff, on their hard fought and well earned success in once again achieving full accreditation by the Joint Commission.


“Although there have been some difficult times and challenges for them to overcome, this is a major accomplishment that all at GMHA can and should be very proud of,” Senator Rodriguez stated.

In recounting GMHA’s history seeking accreditation, Senator Rodriguez noted that, “in July of 2010, and for the first time since 1986, the prior GMHA administration accomplished what many said was impossible, full Joint Commission accreditation.  To everyone’s surprise, GMHA’s accreditation standing was subsequently downgraded under the current administration in 2011.  This was a major setback and impacted the pride and morale of GMHA personnel.  However, although they may have been down, but they were far from out.”

“We must remember that a lot of hard work by dedicated people has gone into making GMHA what it is today.  Notwithstanding the challenges, this hardworking team at GMHA has accomplished what many once again said was impossible to recover. As they have demonstrated, good things can be accomplished, and I believe their efforts must not go unrecognized,” Senator Rodriguez continued.

In recognition of their efforts and success, Senator Rodriguez, Jr., introduced Legislative Certificate No. 122-31(LS) relative to recognizing and commending the “Guam Memorial Hospital Authority’s Board of Trustees, Administration, Medical and Professional Services Staff for their hard fought and well earned success in overcoming the challenges, and once again regaining Full Accreditation from the Joint Commission, by improving hospital facilities, as well as the standards of conduct and care.”

Senator Rodriguez added, “The significance and full extent of their achievement towards restoring the people’s confidence in receiving quality health care at GMHA is of great importance.  Their efforts to regain GMHA’s full accreditation by the Joint Commission are a great accomplishment.  I think it is important that we all acknowledge that the standards and level of care we can expect to receive at our only civilian hospital is greatly improved, and that we can look forward to many more positive things to come,”

“Our hospital needs our support to make it everything we want and need in addressing our health care requirements.  They can be assured of my continuing commitment and support of GMHA, and the constant efforts all of them put forth to provide an ever improving quality of health care for the people of Guam.  I extend my sincere congratulations to all at GMHA,” Senator Rodriguez concluded.