Rodriguez, Limtiaco Propose Allowing GovGuam Employees to Use Annual Leave to Pay Hospital Bills


Guam – Senators Dennis Rodriguez and Mike Limtiaco are proposing a measure that would allow GovGuam workers to use their annual leave to pay past due hospital bills.

Bill  #111 would allow a GovGuam employee to direct DOA to transfer up to 6 weeks of their paid leave to Guam Memorial Hospital to cover medical bills.

The leave could only be used to cover past due GMH bills.

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Senator Rodriguez says the measure will create a form for DOA which gives the GovGuam employees the option to use their leave time. And GMH will be sending that form out, along with past due bills, to GovGuam employees who owe money to the hospital.

A release from Senator Rodriguez quotes co-sponsor Senator Limtiaco as saying that Bil #111 is a “’sensible solution’ for government workers who might find themselves in this situation,” as well as providing a “‘creative option’ for GMH to collect on unpaid debt.”

READ the release from Senator Rodriguez below:


Plan put forth by Senators Rodriguez and Limtiaco will allow GovGuam workers to apply value of unused annual leave to unpaid hospital bills.

Tamuning, Guam–  Senators Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr. and Mike Limtiaco have introduced legislation that would allow government of Guam workers to use annual leave to pay for services received at Guam Memorial Hospital.

Under the plan put forth by Rodriguez and Limtiaco, government employees would have the ability to “spend” up to 240 hours (6 weeks) of paid leave time to satisfy past due bills at GMH.  Past due bills only.

The hospital has initiated an aggressive collections strategy on more than $100 million owed by former patients or their guarantors.  This unpaid debt includes unsettled accounts of patients and guarantors who are employed by the government of Guam.

“At the time a patient or their guarantor promises to pay for services the paperwork they fill out includes information about their employment. So hospital officials are able to identify government workers who have past due accounts,” Senator Rodriguez stated.

“Our bill authorizes the Department of Administration to create a form that will give government workers the option to use leave time to pay their hospital debt, and that form will be included with statements that GMH will soon be sending out to government employees that have past due accounts,” he added.

Senator Limtiaco noted that as the hospital gets a handle on its Accounts Receivable and steps up its collection efforts, there are families that will be faced with the possibility of bad debt showing up on their credit report if they cannot work out and stick to a payment plan with GMH.

Limtiaco, who previously served on the GMHA Board of Trustees, called Bill No. 111-32 (COR)a “sensible solution” for government workers who might find themselves in this situation and “creative option” for GMH to collect on unpaid debt.

“This is something we are happy to be able to make available to government workers,” Senator Limtiaco said.  “It is a win for them and provides an alternate means by which to get debt that it is owed into the hospital coffers,” he added