Rodriguez Renews Request for Governor to Declare Ambulance Emergency


Guam – Health Committee Chair Senator Dennis Rodriguez is renewing his call for the Governor to declare an ambulance emergency. 

Rodriguez wrote the letter following Thursday’s death of a baby boy who was born prematurely after the first ambulance dispatched to bring the mother to the hospital broke down, and a second ambulance arrived about 10 minutes after the boy was born.

Senator Rodriguez reminded the Governor that he called for an ambulance emergency declaration back in February, but the Governor still has not declared one.

READ Senator Rodriguez’s September 23rd letter to Governor Calvo

In his most recent letter sent Friday, Senator Rodriquez writes “I once again urgently request for the immediate Declaration of Emergency relative to the shortage of functional ambulances,” adding that his request is “directly related to the” Thursday’s tragic which Rodriguez called “needless” and “unconscionable.”

The Senator says that the incident “clearly” demonstrates the direct threat to “public safety and constitutes the need for a state-of-emergency declaration.”

READ Senator Rodriguez’s February 10th letter to Governor Calvo requesting declaration of emergency

On the Breakfast Show this morning [Monday], the Governor explained that an emergency could not be declared because of the way the law is currently written. The law needs to be changed to allow for private ambulance firms to make emergency runs. But the Governor said that the procurement of new ambulances is a priority for his administration and the RFP is being issued this week to purchase 4 new ambulances now that the $500-thousand dollar Department of Interior grant has been received.

However, Rodriguez asks for the Governor to issue an executive order to allow Guam Fire to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding to all for the use of certified private ambulances.