Rodriguez Calls on GovGuam Health Care Members to Fill Out Survey Ahead of Negotiations on 2013 Plan


Guam – GovGuam will soon begin negotiations on the 2013 GovGuam Health Insurance plan and Health Committee Chair Senator Dennis Rodriguez is calling on employees, retirees and dependents who will be enrolled in the plan, to fill out a survey to learn what services they need.

Senator Rodriguez will again sit in as a member of  GovGuam’s negotiating team and he wants to know what can be included or excluded to help keep insurance premiums more affordable.

Print out the survey on Senator Rodriguez’s website HERE

READ Senator Rodriguez’s letter to employees HERE

READ the release from Senator Rodriguez in FULL below:

Health Committee Chairman to GovGuam Employees, Retirees, and Dependants:  “Let Your Voices Be Heard”

Tamuning, Guam.  Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Chairman of the Committee on Health and Human Services, calls on Government of Guam employees, retirees, and dependants to contact their department’s respective representatives to the Government of Guam Health Insurance Negotiating Team ahead of negotiations for the FY2013 health insurance plan.

P.L. 31-24, authored by Senator Rodriguez mandates the inclusion of the Guam Legislature’s Chairman of Health and Finance Committee as ex-officio members of the government of Guam’s Health Insurance Negotiating Team.  During the FY2012 health insurance negotiations, Senator Rodriguez and the rest of the team members were instrumental in lowering the health insurance premiums by $7 Million Dollars versus the FY2011 plan and at the same time increased plan benefits to employees, retirees, and dependants by $4 Million Dollars.  “The astronomical jump in premium cost to our people with the FY2011 government of Guam health plan was irresponsible and unjust.  To ensure the mistakes of the past did not happen again, I saw fit to include policymakers to sit as participants to the health insurance process.”  Senator Rodriguez said.

The RFP to solicit qualified off errors to provide health insurance coverage to government of Guam employees, retirees, and dependants is available at the Department of Administration beginning Tuesday, June 5, 2012.  Senator Rodriguez is urging government of Guam employees, retirees, and their dependants to participate in the survey that assesses the desires of the GovGuam members.  “I urge our government of Guam community to contact their department representatives or myself directly to share any concerns or issues they would like represented during the health insurance negotiations. “  Senator Rodriguez stated.  It is critical that all the members of the team, including Senator Pangelinan and myself as ex-officio members hear from our people so that we could collectively work in the best interest of the employees, retirees, dependants, and the entire community.”  The senator concluded.

The community can expect Senator Rodriguez to be an active participant in this year’s health insurance negotiation.  The senator will continue to advocate for the best possible coverage and wellness incentives that will encourage a healthier lifestyle.  Ultimately, the senator will ensure that the premium costs will be responsible, affordable, and within the means of the people of Guam.

Senator Rodriguez’ survey is available online at or by picking a copy up at the office of Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr. in Tamuning.