Rodriquez Bill Would Allow Legislative Representation During Healthcare Negotiations


Guam – In an effort to ensure legislative representation during the annual government of Guam Healthcare Insurance Negotiations, Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr. and nine (9) Co-Sponsors introduced Bill No. 56-31 (COR) (attached).

Senator Rodriguez, Jr., finds that in light of the current fiscal situation facing our government, the annual task of negotiating the upcoming fiscal year’s healthcare insurance plan should be conducted and completed with appropriate input from policy makers responsible for healthcare and the appropriation of available funding.

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Senator Rodriguez, Jr., stated that,  “we must not have a repeat of what occurred last year where we were greatly surprised by the enormous increase in the employees and governments’ contributions.  It is imperative that this situation not be repeated.”

At this time, although funding for the government of Guam’s annual contribution to the health care insurance plan is dependant upon an appropriation in the Fiscal Year Budget act, the negotiation process is completed prior to the budget process, but without Legislative input or knowledge.

By inclusion of two of our own members in the Negotiating Team, we will better ensure that the government of Guam does not repeat being forced into the unconscionable situation of once again having to fund a health insurance plan that is unanticipated and unaffordable by the taxpayers of Guam.