Rohr to Archbishop: Bring it On


Tim Rohr believes he’s the target of a lawsuit the Archdiocese of Agana alluded to. He welcomes a lawsuit, noting that it gives him the opportunity to expose the truth.

Guam – Tim Rohr, a local Catholic blogger, is calling the Archdiocese of Agana’s bluff that they are preparing to take their opponents to court. In fact, Rohr says he welcomes a lawsuit because it opens the pandora’s box of secrets that will expose the truth.

“I welcome it. In fact this morning I put a counter, a count of how many days since he’s threatened to sue me,” says Rohr.


Although a press release issued by the Archdiocese of Agana last week never mentions Tim Rohr by name, Rohr believes threats of a lawsuit were directed at him. Rohr has been one of Archbishop Anthony Apuron’s biggest adversaries in the last few years, calling out the archbishop over alleged lies and secrets. In the release last week, the Archdiocese says they are preparing to file a civil suit through a canonical tribunal.

“Because I want him to sue me, because I wanna depose Apuron, because when I depose Apuron, all of it, everything will be clear and this will be done and I can go back to making me a living and enjoying my family,” states Rohr. “Bring it on.”


The media release countered many of the allegations made against the archbishop, such as accusations that he sexually abused young boys in the 1970s and 1980s, that he gave away the multimillion dollar Yona seminary property and that he orchestrated the barricade on a bill that would have allowed for civil suits to be filed against institutions for sexual abuse.

The release also disputed claims that the archbishop is in hiding, saying that he’s made pastoral visits and celebrates confirmations in different parishes.

“These pastoral visits, these are choreographed things that happen once every five years where he shows up, does some official routines, has a little q-and-a which is very controlled. And his answers to everything was, ‘It’s out of my hands, I don’t know, I never heard about it,'” says Rohr.


Since the paid advertisement calling for sex abuse victims to come forward has come out, Rohr says there have been some calls. The paid ads were released and listed specific dates and locations, which, according to Rohr, target Archbishop Apuron from when he was a priest.

“There have been calls,” says Rohr.

PNC called the numbers listed in the paid ads but did not get a response as of news time.