Rolex rolls out newest model of luxury wristwatches


Rolex reveals new “Day-Date 40” model.

Guam – It’s referred to as a symbol of excellence and prestige since the 1950’s, and now, in commemoration of their 60th Anniversary, Rolex is opening their doors to the general public for a special exhibition featuring a new addition to their most prestigious line of quality crafted watches.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date is the latest model to grace the shelves of the Rolex display case.

The model was formerly known as the “President’s Watch” as notable heads of state, such as John F. Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Bill Clinton have worn the delicate chronometers in years past.

To celebrate the launch of the luxury timepieces, a panel of experts and executives shared why they believe Rolex wristwatches are in fact, pieces of art. Angel Mendoza, the DKSH General Manager poised with excitement, spoke of Day-Date’s newest features.

“(Guests) will have the look at the Exhibition of the first 60 years of the most prestigious, and I would repeat that, prestigious and exclusive Rolex watch. You will learn its history, evolution, and its reputation for precision, technical excellence, and superlative performance,” he said.  

According to Rolex, the new line is currently the only wristwatch in the world to feature the self-winding mechanism and the calendar day window.

To highlight the evolution of the distinctive line of Swiss-made watches, the Sales Manager from Rolex’s Geneva base, Yves Meylan flew to Guam specifically for the celebration of the brand’s 60th Anniversary and exhibition, now open to the public.

“You will discover the technical features, the evolution of the gears constantly improving the quality and the precision of the piece. Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the exhibition,” he said.  


Starting tonight, the exhibition is open to the general public and attendees are welcome to enjoy the holiday spectacle while learning the history of the Rolex craftsmanship from now until December 18 where the location of the exhibition will move to the Plaza and be housed there until February 15, 2017.