Rota gets the worst of Mangkhut


Guam – The entire Mariana region spent all of last night and a portion of this morning weathering out Typhoon Mangkhut. Now that the inclement weather conditions have calmed, recovery efforts turn their focus to Rota where Mangkhut’s eye passed directly over. 

High profile officials both local and federal arrive on Rota this morning to assess and address damages the island sustained after absorbing the worst of Typhoon Mangkhut. Governor and Lt. Governor of the CNMI, along with enforcement from the military, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security, and CNMI officials from public health, public safety and public works have since conducted an aerial and ground assessment. CNMI Governor Ralph Torres was on News Talk K57’s Your 4-Hour Phill, to provide a general list of priorities that his team are now focused on, particularly on the island of Rota, who suffered the worst of the storm.

“Our first priority is to make sure that the hospital is up and running, so if any emergency or any folks that need attention, that’s available. Second is, we are looking at the water distribution throughout the island and of course our utility, and those are the 3 main. And then we’re working with the shelters for the already displaced families, ” Governor of the CNMI Ralph Torres on K57.

Displaced families, government agencies and private entities, downed utility poles that have been snapped at their bases, roofs peeled completely off, trees impending traffic along roadways, docks ripped from its foundations and the island’s lone hospital currently inoperable were only a few of the damages sustained by the island of Rota that have forced the bulk of recovery efforts to the island. Governor Torres encourages those who want to assist our neighbors on Rota, to contact his office to do so. According to natives of the island, water, food and fuel are the primary items that residents need at the moment.

You can contact Governor Torres’ office by calling (670)237-2200 or online at You may also contact Rota’s Mayor’s Office at (670)532-9457/2.