Rotary Club Hosts Forums for New Faces


The Rotary Club of Guam is hosting a series of forums called the ” New Faces ” featuring two republican and democratic party senatorial candidates who have not sat down in the legislative chair.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story

As a way to get voters to know Senatorial candidates who have not served yet — the Rotary Club held a small forum and invited candidates Vince Borja and Sandra Seau for the Republican ticket and Chris Barnett and Angela Santos for the Democratic ticket, where they answered questions given by Rotarian members.

However, Barnett was the only one in attendance.

The forum was set to have each candidate answer four questions with two-minute responses but due to Barnett being the only one in attendance those rules were modified.

The first question proposed was what platform agenda would you have as a priority for your term in office which Barnett responded with over his 25 years in media he is inspired to run to make a change in the war on drugs situation.

Barnett said, ” I’ve seen the island in a lot of ways steadily get worst in a lot of ways that’s definitely got worst is with crystal methamphetamine I feel like we are at a point where it’s an unchecked drug epidemic when you look back at the things we were doing maybe 25 years ago we had a war on ice right and so we are treatment and the enforcement and prevention but fast forward to 2022 I’m not sure if we are doing any of those things well enough and so it’s a big part of my platform do I think I can solve that in 2 years I’m not so sure but I think that doing anything is better than what we are doing now. ”

Barnett added he wants to build a consensus between himself and his colleagues in office because he feels that crystal meth and the drug epidemic is really an issue that Guam doesn’t hear enough about from elected leaders.

In regard to the theme of today’s rotary meeting, Barnett told attendees that he believes that people are excited about his candidacy because he is a new face.

Barnett said, “I don’t come from a legacy or political family I think that’s why people are excited about my candidacy because if you want different then vote different and if you want same old same old then vote same old same old. ”

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