Rotary Speaker attempts to clear misconceptions about Guam’s role in U.S. elections


The rotary club meeting took place on Thursday at the Pacific Star Resort.


Guam – Should Guam residents have the right to vote for the United States president? Dr. Donald Platt says sure, but points out that not even those on the u.s. mainland actually vote to elect the U.S. president.

Dr. Platt spoke at the rotary club of Tumon yesterday to clear up misconceptions about the U.S. presidential election especially in light of the recent protests surrounding president-elect Donald Trump’s victory. Platt says the American people have never actually voted for president.

“When you think of the Electoral College, think of the catholic church. Because he was catholic and what gave him the idea r this was the College of Cardinals that elects the pope. Catholics do not elect the pope, no Catholics elect the pope, you have a college of cardinals that does it,” said Dr. Platt.