VIDEO: Rough Seas Prevent Queen Mary II From Visiting Saipan


Saipan – The Queen Mary II has cancelled its planned passenger landing into Saipan’s Smiling Cove Marina today due to inclement weather and rough seas.

The Saipan Tribune reports that the Saipan Chamber of Commerce, which organized a welcome ceremony to greet passengers of the British-flagged ship, said the captain of the luxury liner himself was the one who decided not to push through with the passenger landing.

“This is indeed unfortunate for all those that prepared for this rare opportunity, and businesses that looked forward to putting Saipan on the map for future international cruise line visits,” the Chamber said in a statement.

Two-foot swells, and an announced small craft advisory, influenced the captain’s decision to protect the safety and welfare of Queen Mary II’s passengers.

The Queen Mary II stopped on Guam last year. But it is not scheduled to make a stop on Guam this year.