Round 2/15 Motocross Results


Yigo, Guam – Round 2 of the fifteen round 2014 Monster Energy Guam Motocross Championships was held this past Sunday February 23rd out at the Guam International Raceway. Under clear skies and on a jump infested course racers of all ages on machines of all sizes participated in respective classes. Racing kicked off at 1:30 that afternoon with the Over 40 Motorcycle Vet class and had wrapped up just around half past five with the Open Motorcycle class. Between the two was a host of atv and minibike class racing. The event was free to come out and watch with a pretty healthy crowd of fans and supporters on hand taking advantage and enjoying a great day of action packed full of motocross racing.

High Lights/ Top Results

In the Over 40 Motorcycle Vet class #420 Kim Aiken aboard his Kawasaki took an early lead and never went challenged to take that class win. Taking second was #100 Steve Turo on a Kawasaki and placing third was #75 Jeff Rios.

In the Open Kids Mini Bike class #8 Ry’niko Camacho aboard his RPM Yamaha supported Yamaha shot up front and soon found himself in a heated battle with reigning and defending class champion #1 Stoney Bucek aboard the Cycles Plus Kawasaki. The two leaders swapped the lead several times with #11 Sasha Song, #88 Ethan Camacho, #12 Yuna Song, and #111 Ethan Manibusan hot on their heels and all fighting for the third place position. At the checkers it was the #8 Yamaha of Ry’niko Camacho taking the win once again as he did in round 1. #1 Bucek took second with #11 Sasha Song placing third. Sasha Song has been an unexpected surprise being only 9 years old having proved regardless of his young age that determination, parental support, and practice builds a top rider.

The rest of the Kids Open Mini Bike field finished respectively as follows 4th #88 Ethan Camacho Yam, 5th #12 Yuna Song Hon, 6th #111 Ethan Manibusan Hon, 7th #25 Ethan Turo Kaw, 8th #75 Owen Rios Kaw, 9th #21 Franklin Perez Kaw, 10th #50 Owen Turo Kaw, 11th #34 Calib Naputi Kaw, 12th #76 Devin Encina Kaw, 13th #23 Jordan Leon Guerrero Kaw, 14th #31 Robert Encina Kaw, 15th #5 Jesse Leon Guerrero Kaw, and 16th #2 Baze Aiken Kaw dnr+10=10pts.

In the Kids Open Mini Atv class #10 Tori Clark took her Apex 90 to the win with #6 Zion Chang taking second and #7 Darian Chang in third with #74 Damian Manibusan finishing fourth.

In the Open Atv class #59 Brian Castro aboard a Yamaha took the lead early with a full field of hard charging riders hot on his rear fender. Midway through the round the #5 Honda of Marcus Guerrero jr. with #1 Robert Bucek aboard the Cycles Plus Suzuki took over the lead. Guerrero and Bucek put on a great fight for first with Bucek eventually pulling away. At the checkers it was the #1 of Bucek in first, the #59 of Brian Castro in second and the #99 Yamaha of Ray Aromin placing third overall for round 2. The rest of the Open Atv field finished as follows 4th #9 Pete Castro Yam, 5th #11 John Gilman Yam, 6th #4 Ray Merfalin Yam, 7th #5 Marcus Guerrero Hon, 8th #66 Jeric Johnson Yam, and in 9th #55 John Johnson Kaw.


In the Open Motorcycle class #1 JR Cepeda and #59 Caleb Barretto both aboard Cycles Plus Kawasaki machines jumped out to the lead and into a ferocious fight for the lead. Eventually the reigning and two time defending champion JR Cepeda took his #1 Cycles Plus Kawasaki to a distant lead leaving #98 Marshal Vawter jr. aboard a Yamaha to also slip by Barretto to take second. Barretto held on for a third with the rest of the field finishing as follows 4th #33 Jake Jones Hon, 5th #3 Gary Camacho Yam, 6th #75 Jeff Rios Kaw, 7th #100 Steven Turo Kaw, 8th #19 Zachary Chang Hon, 9th #47 Deven Manibusan Kaw, and taking 10th #420 Kim Aiken Kaw.


Up next Guam motocross enthusiasts and fans will be headed for two Sundays, March 2nd and 9th, of motocross racing southern island style. The Umatac Discovery day Motocross event has now entered into its fifth decade of being an annual pilgrimage for motocross racers and fans and this year once again everyone is invited free to come out to the souther village of Umatac to watch and enjoy a day of celebration and racing. Races kick off at noon and will go on all afternoon on oth dates. For more information contact GIRMAC at or visit or FaceBook Atv/MC Motocross Guam


In other class results

450cc Motorcycle

1st #59 Caleb Barretto Kaw 25+25=50pts

2nd #19 Zachary Chang Hon 22+22=44pts


250cc Motorcycle

1st #1 JR Cepeda Kaw 25+25=50pts

2nd #98 Marshal Vawter jr. Yam 22+22=44pts

3rd #33 Jake Jones Hon 20+20=40pts

4th #3 Gary Camacho Yam 16+18=34pts

5th #75 Jeff Rios Kaw 15+15=30pts

6th #100 Steven Turo Kaw 13+16=29pts

7th #47 Deven Manibusan Kaw 14+14=28pts

8th #420 Kim Aiken Kaw 18+dnr=18pts


150cc Kids Minibike

1st #12 Yuna Song Hon 25+25=50pts

2nd #111 Ethan Manibusan Hon 22+22=44pts

3rd #25 Ethan Turo Kaw 20+20=40pts


85cc Kids Minibike

1st #8 Ry’niko Camacho Yam 25+25=50pts

2nd #1 Stoney Bucek Kaw 22+22=44pts

3rd #11 Sasha Song Kaw 20+20=40pts

4th #88 Ethan Camacho Yam 18+18=36pts

5th #75 Owen Rios Kaw 16+16=32pts

6th #21 Franklin Perez Kaw 14+15=29pts

7th #34 Calib Naputi Kaw 15+14=29pts


65cc Kids Minibike

1st #50 Owen Turo Kaw 25+25=50pts

2nd #76 Devin Encina Kaw 20+20=40pts

3rd#31 Robert Encina Kaw 22+16=38pts

4th #23 Jordan Leon Guerrero Kaw 18+18=36pts

5th #5 Jesse Leon Guerrero Kaw 16+15=31pts

6th #2 Blaze Aiken Kaw dnr+22=22pts


Article from a press release.