Limtiaco One Race Away From Motocross Win


Guam- Under clear skies and a blazing sun the Guam International Raceway in Yigo was once again the scene of yet another exciting action packed round of the Cycles Plus Honda and RPM Yamaha Monsoon Motocross Series. The series kicked off with Round 1 held earlier this year back in September under wet and slick race conditions which had been deemed perfect living up to the series reputation of being held under the wettest of conditions. Guam’s wet tropical weather can be a challenge at times for those local athletes who choose to race in the sport of motocross especially during this particular time of the year which is known as the islands wet or rainy season.

This past Sunday’s round was hot and saw dry course conditions which appeared to have caught many of the competitors off guard in their preparation as the pits were busy with last minute adjustments and repairs by many of the teams after the earlier practice session had been held. After a short delay to allow for adjustments and repairs the action kicked off at just after 2pm to racing that included atv and motorcycle classes ranging from the smaller kids classes to the bigger full powered open class machines for the older more experienced racer’s.

In the Open Motorcycle race, the series points leader of the #11 Pacific Trucking supported Kawasaki of Michael Limtiaco once again took an early lead off the start and methodically proceeded to pull away from the rest of the field of competitors and on his way to his fifth overall win of the series. #33 Jake Jones, supported by Triple J and aboard a Honda Crf250, took second and was the only competitor able to keep the #11 machine of Limtiaco in sight and perhaps within range of a challenge. Taking third in the Open Motorcycle class was #94 Yamaha Yzf450 mounted Bryan Barker who was followed closely by #25 Fleet Services supported Lawrence Limtiaco on his Kawasaki Kxf450 in fourth. #53 Tom Tarnate, aboard his own Kawasaki Kxf250, rounded out the top five.

In the Kids 85cc, #1 J.R. Cepeda, supported by Johnstone Supply, took his Kawasaki to another first place finish extending points lead and his win streak to three in a row. #111 Jacob Einloth took a very solid second place aboard his Honda Cr85 and Frank Marshal Vawters rode smooth to take third, rounding out the top 3 on the podium.

In the Open Atv, rubbing wheels while bumping and banging at the start, the big guns of the Open Atv class fought their way around the first turn with team Cycles Plus #1 Robert Bucek and #20 Jerry Joaquin both aboard Suzuki Ltr450 Quadracers side by side and up in front of the field. The two Suzuki mounted riders were charging hard, neither willing to give up to the other as they approached the long jump infested section known as the long rhythm straight. Going into the hard left hander that leads into the long rhythm straight, Joaquin went a bit too wide allowing the wily vet Bucek to slip by and into the lead. Joaquin proceeded to charge after the leader Bucek with both riders picking up the momentum that carried them away from the rest of the field. The Cycles Plus team rider Robert Bucek took the win with Jerry Joaquin taking second. Placing third was the team RPM Yamaha rider Keara Bucek aboard a Simpson family owned machine. Taking fourth was the #5 Pine Rental supported Marcus Guerrero aboard a Honda Trx450 and #3 Tony Costa rounded out the top five aboard his team GTR Motorsports Kawasaki Kfx450.

In the Kids Open Atv, #9 Ramon Torres, aboard the Haul Pro Apex90, took another easy win as he effortlessly set sail over the jumps pulling away from the competition at will. Taking second was #6 Stoney Bucek aboard a Simpson family owned DRX70. Placing third was #3 Bernabe Guerrero aboard a Pine Rental supported DRX90. Fourth through seventh went to #8 Haul Pro supported DRX mounted Janissa Torres, Team Dream Catchers Racing #83 Raven Girgan aboard her Polaris90, Team Dream Catchers Racing #99 Victoria Clark aboard an Apex70, and #11 Jose Simpson aboard a CanAm90 respectively.

The seventh and final round of the Cycles Plus Honda and RPM Yamaha Monsoon Motocross Series will take place at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo on Sunday December 12th with the racing action set to begin at 1pm free to the public to come out and watch. For more information contact Guam Racing Federation Public Information Officer Rob at 727-5381 or visit

Points Standings as of round 6 of 7

Open Motorcycle

#11 Michael Limtiaco / Pacific Trucking / KAW450 / 47+50+50+50+dnr+50=247pts

#33 Jake Jones / Triple J / HON250 / 38+44+dnr+40+50+44=216pts

#94 Bryan Barker / YAM450 / 20+38+20+38+44+38=198pts

#25 Lawrence Limtiaco / Fleet Services / KAW450 / 38+38+44+42+dnr+36=198pts

#53 Tom Tarnate / KAW250 / dnr+dnr+dnr+dnr+dnr+34=34pts

#47 Tyanna Cruz / KAW250 / dnr+dnr+dnr+32+dnr=32pts

#7 Jonathan Tye Lizama / Cycles Plus / KAW250 / 25+dnr+dnr+dnr+dnr=25pts


Motorcycle 450cc

#11 Michael Limtiaco / Pacific Trucking / KAW450 / 50+50+50+50+dnr+50=250pts

#25 Lawrence Limtiaco / Fleet Services / KAW450 / 42+42+44+44+dnr+42=214pts

#94 Bryan Barker / YAM450 / 22+42+20+40+dnp+42=164pts


Motorcycle 250cc

#33 Jake Jones / Triple J / HON250 / 47+ns+dnr+50+dnp+50=147pts

#53 Tom Tarnate / KAW250 / dnr+dnr+dnr+dnr+dnr+44=44pts

#47 Tyanna Cruz / KAW250 / dnr+dnr+dnr+44+dnr+dnr=44pts

#7 Jonathan Tye Lizama / Cycles Plus / KAW250 / 25+dnr+dnr+dnr=25pts


Mini bike

#1 JR Cepeda / Johnstone Supply /KAW85 / dnr+dnr+dnr+50+50+50=150pts

#9 Frank Marshal Vawters / SUZ85 / dnr+dnr+dnr+44+44+40=128pts

#111 Jacob Einloth / HON85 / dnr+dnr+dnr+dnr+dnr+44=44pts


Open Atv

#1 Robert Bucek / Cycles Plus / SUZ450 / dnr+50+50+50+50+50=250pts

#16 Jeremiah Shelton / SUZ450 / dnr+40+40+40+40+20=180pts

#20 Jerry Joaquin / J.Camacho of Today’s Realty / dnr+dnr+44+44+44+44=176pts

#5 Marcus Guerrero / Pine Rental / HON450 / dnr+dnr+34+36+36+36=142pts

#2 Keara Bucek / RPM Yamaha / YAM450 / dnr+dnr+34+dnr+16+36=86pts

#14 Kelly Simpson / SUZ450 / dnr+44+dnr+dnr+dnr=44pts

#03 Anthony Costa / KAW450 / GTR Motorsports / dnr+dnr+dnr+dnr+dnr+31=31pts

#7 Marcus Guerrero jr. / Pine Rental / SUZ400 / dnr+18+dnf+dnr+dnr=18pts

#83 Daniel Girgan / POL Utility / dnr+16+dnr+dnr+dnr=16pts


Kids Atv Open

#9 Ramon Torres / Haul Pro / Apex90 / dnr+dnr+50+50+50+50=200pts

#3 Bernabe Guerrero / Pine Rental / DRX90 / dnr+50+20+42+44+38=194pts

#99 Victoria Clark / Dream Catcher’s / Apex70 / dnr+40+38+32+34+28=172pts

#6 Stoney Bucek / DRX70 / dnr+dnr+44+42+40+42=168pts

#83 Raven Girgan / Dream Catcher’s / POL90 / dnr+44+dns+30+30+33=137pts

#8 Janessa Torres / DRX90 / dnr+dnr+dnr+36+30+36=102pts

#11 Jose Simpson / KTM90 / dnr+dns+dns+dnr+32+18=40pts


Kids Atv 90cc

#9 Ramon Torres / Haul Pro / Apex90 / dnr+dnr+50+50+50+50=200pts

#3 Bernabe Guerrero / Pine Rental / DRX90 / dnr+50+22+44+44+40=200pts

#83 Raven Girgan / Dream Catcher’s / POL90 / dnr+44+dns+36+36+36=152pts

#8 Janessa Torres / DRX90 / dnr+dnr+dnr+40+36+40=116pts

#11 Jose Simpson / KTM90 / dnr+dnr+dnp+dnr+36+20=56pts


Kids Atv 70cc

#99 Victoria Clark / Dream Catcher’s / Apex70 / dnr+50+44+44+44+44=226pts

#6 Stoney Bucek / DRX70 / dnr+dnr+50+50+50+50=200pts

#11 Jose Simpson / DRX70 / dnr+dnp+dnr+dnr+dnr+dnr=np


Information from a press release.