Russian asylum seeker sues Kamalen Karidat

Father Mike Crisostomo, pastor for St. Anthony's Church and Vicar of Clergy for the Agana Archdiocese, said that the church was able to respond quickly thanks to the protocols it put in place with the help of Guam Public Health. (PNC file photo)

The Catholic nonprofit Kamalen Karidat, also known as the Ministry to the Homeless, recently came under fire, over a discrimination complaint filed by a Russian political asylum seeker at the District Court.

The complainant, Fedor Simanov, said the organization “deprived him of assistance” and “expelled him illegally and arbitrarily.”

Without mentioning details of the complaint, Father Mike Crisostomo, the nonprofit’s executive director, spoke with K57’s Patti Arroyo, about the nonprofit’s policies, emphasizing that they do not discriminate against anyone.

“So the Ministry to the Homeless mission is to primarily provide hot meals, seven days a week. And our policy is that it is open to anyone, anyone who comes to our doors. It doesn’t matter what race, ethnic background, age, or even religion. We are here to help these people,” Fr. Crisostomo said.

He added: “We try to make it as accessible as possible. If we are unable to provide services for whatever reasons, we will find the means to provide those services. We work closely with Catholic Social Services, our big brother. They are the ones that really take the helm of providing services that we may not be able to provide. We’ll make that referral.”

Simanov arrived on Guam in September. He said he fled Russia to escape torture and harassment.